Ready for spring

By , March 2, 2014

I think the chickens are looking forward to spring more than I am.

snow day (2 of 2)

Revisiting a trip we took 4 years ago

By , September 29, 2013

We recently repeated this trip to the mountains of NC, and the boys thought it would be funny to repeat some of the pictures we took then and compare them now. So here are the then and now – 2009 vs 2013 photos:

asheville 19sep13 (1 of 3) old

Tree hugger in 2009

asheville 19sep13 (1 of 3)

Tree hugger in 2013

asheville 19sep13 (2 of 3) old

Tired from hike, 2009

asheville 19sep13 (2 of 3)

Tired from hike, 2013

asheville 19sep13 (3 of 3) old

That apple is the size of her head! 2009

asheville 19sep13 (3 of 3)

So we couldn’t find an apple the size of her head, because the girl is now big! 2013

The Bee’s Knees

By , July 31, 2013

There’s something new on Pleasant Run Farm in NJ: honey bees! There are three hives owned and cared for by a fellow who works there. Today my FIL filled in to take care of these busy little critters.

NJ (1 of 6)

The hives

NJ (2 of 6)

The front door to one of the hives

NJ (3 of 6)

My FIL feeding a hive; the top portion of the box contains a bucket of sugar water. This also prevents the bees from eating the honey they produce. He’s trying to slide a wood block over a hole that the bees go through to access the sugar water.

NJ (4 of 6)

My brave FIL, without all the bee-keeping gear! He got stung twice. At this point I had squeamishly run away to be at a safe distance.

NJ (5 of 6)

Busy bee. They’re amazing little creatures!

new brooder occupants

By , July 7, 2013
guineas chickens 06-23-13 (1 of 5)

Guinea fowl have moved in the brooder, and the chickens are outside

guineas chickens 06-23-13 (2 of 5)

The meat birds are in their pens, and the layers are out and about in the paddock. 

guineas chickens 06-23-13 (3 of 5)

Nothin’ like a good stretch and dust bath in the sun

 guineas chickens 06-23-13 (4 of 5)

the new old coop

By , June 30, 2013

A while ago, early this spring, we gave the old chicken coop a face lift and converted it into a brooder. Here’s a photo of it back in 2006 when it was only a year old:

old coop 2006 (1 of 1)

The coop back in 2005. It doesn’t look too bad here, but it’s been home to many a chicken since then. Look at the kids!! They were so little back then!!

And here it is now:

new old coop (1 of 7)

Here it is all cleaned and painted, 2013!


new old coop (2 of 7)

New window shutters

new old coop (3 of 7)

Just in time

new old coop (4 of 7)

For brooding new chicks

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